15+ Dyslexia Spelling Examples Grade 3 – Part 9

Dyslexia Spelling Examples Grade 3 – Part 9

There are a number of resources available to help you with Grade 3 Dyslexia spellings. One great resource is the Love Dyslexia website. Here you will find a list of Grade 3 Dyslexia words, as well as tips on how to best use them to improve your child’s reading skills.

Another great resource for Grade 3 Dyslexia spellings is the Third Grade Reading Level website. Here you will find a list of words that are used at the third grade reading level. You can also find tips on how to improve your child’s reading speed at this website.

Using Grade 3 Dyslexia spellings is a great way to help your child improve their reading skills. These resources will provide you with the tools you need to help your child succeed.

Dyslexia Spelling Examples Grade 3 Part 9 show Exact Dyslexia Variations. Study the Dyslexia Variations to improve and quicken reading. Learn to recognize the Variations of Exact Dyslexia Letter Rotations!

Dyslexia Spelling Words:

bikini, swimming, knot, sour, rotten, pair, diving, flour, flower, ripe, juicy, pail, strawberry, pineapple, grape, plum, hard, bare, peaches, banana, cabin, sunny, melon, grapefruit, dried, crunchy, lemon, firm, berries, bear, fruit, pear

Non-Dyslexic Grade 3 words:

here, hear, fresh, soft, cherry, sea, t-shirt, kite, shorts

Dyslexia Spelling Variations:

There are 3 Main ‘Variations’ Categories for Dyslexia:

The Sneaky n / u Dyslexia Factor
The w/m Dyslexia Factor
Regular b, d, p, + q Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia (Numbers Dyslexia)

Here are the Variations:

**The Sneaky u/n Dyslexia Factor**

knot = kuot
sour = sonr
rotten = rotteu
flour = flonr
juicy = jnicy
sunny = snuuy, snuny, snnny, suuuy, snuuy, snuny, sunuy
crunchy = cruuchy, crnnchy, crnuchy
fruit = frnit

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

meet = weet
meat =weat
sweet = smeet
weak = meak
firm = firw
flower = flomer
swim = swiw, smim, smiw
ice cream = ice creaw
warm = warw, marm, marw

Grade 3 Dyslexia Spelling Variations – Part #6

bikini = pikini, dikini, qikini, bikiui, pikiui, dikiui, qikiui
pair = bair, dair, qair
ripe = ribe, ride, riqe
pail = bail, dail, qail
strawberry = strawderry, strawperry, strawqerry, (stramberry, stramderry, stramperry, strawqerry)
plum = plnm, blum, blnm, dlum, dlnm, qlum, qlnm, (pluw, plnw, bluw, blnw, dluw, dlnw, qluw, qlnw)
hard = harb, hard, harq
bare = dare, pare, qare
peaches = beaches, deaches, qeaches
banana = bauana, banaua, bauaua
cabin = cabiu, cadin, cadiu, capin, capiu, caqin, caqiu
melon = melou, (welon, welou)
dried = bried, pried, qried, drieb, brieb, prieb, qrieb
lemon = lemou, (lewon, lewou)
berries = derries, perries, qerries
bear = pear, dear, qear
pear = bear, dear, qear

pineapple = binapple, dinapple, qinapple, piueapple, biuapple, diuapple, qiuapple, pineabble, binabble, dinabble, qinabble, piueabble, biuabble, diuabble, qiuabble, pineaddle, binaddle, dinaddle, qinaddle, piueaddle, biuaddle, diuaddle, qiuaddle, pineaqqle, binaqqle, dinaqqle, qinaqqle, piueaqqle, biuaqqle, diuaqqle, qiuaqqle, pineabdle, binabdle, dinabdle, qinabdle, piueabdle, biuabdle, diuabdle, qiuabdle, pineadble, binadble, dinadble, qinadble, piueadble, biuadble, diuadble, qiuadble, pineabple, pinabple, pinabple, qinabple, piueable, biuabple, diuabple, qiuabple, pineapble, pinapble, pinapble, qinapble, piueapble, biuapble, diuapble, qiuapble, pineabqle, pinabqle, pinabqle, qinabqle, piueqbqle, biuabqle, diuabqle, qiuabqle, pinedble, pinadble

Grade 3 Dyslexia Spellings are incredible tools to learn how to read, write and spell. By learning Grade 3 Dyslexia words you can better your reading abilities. Learn to read faster at Grade 3 Reading Level. By studying

Grade 3 Dyslexia words you can:
– Learn to read faster
– Improve your reading comprehension
– Spell words correctly

Grade 3 words are especially challenging for dyslexic students. However, by learning these words you can improve your reading skills. Start by learning a few words each day. Soon, you’ll be able to read and spell Grade 3 words with ease!

Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia (Numbers Dyslexia)

grape = grabe, grade, graqe, 6rape, 6rabe, 6rade, 6raqe, 9rape, 9rabe, 9rade, 9raqe

diving = biving, piving, qiving, diviug, biviug, piviug, qiviug, divin6, bivin6, pivin6, qivin6, diviu6, biviu6, piviu6, qiviu6, divin9, bivin9, pivin9, qivin9, diviu9, biviu9, piviu9, qiviu9

grapefruit = grabefruit, gradefruit, graqefruit, grapefrnit, grabefrnit, gradefrnit, graqefrnit, 6rapefruit, 6rabefruit, 6radefruit, 6raqefruit, 6rapefrnit, 6rabefrnit, 6radefrnit, 6raqefrnit, 9rapefruit, 9rabefruit, 9radefruit, 9raqefruit, 9rapefrnit, 9rabefrnit, 9radefrnit, 9raqefrnit

swimming = swimmiug, swimmin6, swimmiu6, swimmin9, swimmiu9, smimming, smimmiug, smimmin6, smimmiu6, smimmin9, smimmiu9, smimwing, smimwiug, smimwin6, smimwiu6, smimwin9, smimwiu9, swimwing, swimwiug, swimwin6, swimwiu6, swimwin9, swimwiu9, smiwwing, smiwwiug, smiwwin6, smiwwiu6, smiwwin9, smiwwiu9, swiwwing, swiwwiug, swiwwin6, swiwwiu6, swiwwin9, swiwwiu9, smiwming, smiwmiug, smiwmin6, smiwmiu6, smiwmin9, smiwmiu9, swiwming, swiwmiug, swiwmin6, swiwmiu6, swiwmin9, swiwmiu9

The Exact Dyslexia Variations are the exact Letter Rotations. When Dyslexia Letters Rotate to change words into Dyslexia Variations only the Dyslexia Letters rotate to create alternative spellings.

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