15 Grade 3 Exact Dyslexia Spelling Examples – Part Two

15 Grade 3 Exact Dyslexia Spelling Examples – Part Two

Are you looking for ways to improve your child’s reading skills? If so, you may want to consider using Grade 3 Dyslexia spellings. Dyslexia spellings are an incredible tool to help children learn how to read, write, and spell. By learning Grade 3 Dyslexia words, you can better your child’s reading abilities.

Dyslexia spellings are based on the phonetic sound of each word. This means that they are pronounced the way they sound, not the way they are spelled. For example, the word “dyslexia” is pronounced “diss-LEX-ee-uh”. This can be a difficult concept for some children to understand, but it is important to remember that dyslexia spellings are not necessarily the same as regular spellings.

Dyslexia Spelling Words:

tramp, lady, we’re, what’s, doghouse, where’s, walk, barking, who’s, growl, you’re, puppy, I’m, canine, animal, brave, deer, great, geese, mouse, goose, detective, dwarf, kitten, sleep, rabbit, beauty, beast, toad, musical, high

Non-Dyslexic Grade 3 words:

story, foxes, horse, school, kitty, zoo, vet, they’re, trick, there’s, collar, tail, that’s, it’s, she’s, he’s

Dyslexia Spelling Variations:

There are 3 Main ‘Variations’ Categories for Dyslexia:

The Sneaky n / u Dyslexia Factor
The w/m Dyslexia Factor
Regular b, d, p, + q Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia (Numbers Dyslexia)

Here are the Variations:

**The Sneaky u/n Dyslexia Factor**

you’re = yon’re
canine = cauiue, cauine, caniue

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

we’re = me’re
what’s = mhat’s
where’s = mhere’s
walk = malk
who’s = mho’s 
I’m = I’w

Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations – Month #2

tramp = tramb, tramq, tramd, (trawp, trawb, trawq, trawd)
lady = laby, lapy, laqy
animal = auimal, (aniwal, auiwal)
brave = drave, prave, qrave
deer = beer, peer, qeer
mouse = monse, (wouse, wonse)
detective = betective, petective, qetective
dwarf = bwarf, pwarf, qwarf, dmarf, bmarf, pmarf, qmarf
kitten = kitteu
sleep = sleeb, sleed, sleeq
rabbit = raddit, rappit, raqqit, rabdit, rabpit, rabqit, radbit, radpit, radqit, raqbit, raqdit, raqpit
beauty = deauty, peauty, qeauty, beanty, deanty, peanty, qeanty
beast = deast, peast, qeast
toad = toab, toap, toaq
musical = mnsical
puppy = buppy, duppy, quppy, pnppy, bnppy, dnppy, pnppy, qnppy, pubby, bubby, dubby, qubby, pnbby, bnbby, dnbby, pnbby, qnbby, puddy, buddy, duddy, quddy, pnddy, bnddy, dnddy, pnddy, qnddy, puqqy, buqqy, duqqy, quqqy, pnqqy, bnqqy, dnqqy, pnqqy, qnqqy, pupby, bunpby, dupby, qupby, pnpby, bnpby, dnpby, pnpby, qnpby, pubpy, bunbpy, dubpy, qubpy, pnbpy, bnbpy, dnbpy, pnbpy, qnbpy – 53 Dyslexia Variations!!

There are many benefits to using dyslexia spellings. First, they can help your child learn to read faster. Second, they can help your child learn to spell words correctly.

Third, they can help your child understand the meanings of words. And fourth, they can help your child become a better reader overall.

If you are interested in using Grade 3 Dyslexia spellings, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you should start with a small list of words.

Once you have a list of words here, you can begin to teach your child the dyslexia spellings. Also consider buying the book Exact Dyslexia on Amazon.

It is important to remember that each child is different and will learn at their own pace. Some children will learn the dyslexia spellings quickly, while others may need more time. Be patient and keep teaching your child the spellings until they are able to read them correctly.

Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia (Numbers Dyslexia)

high = hi6h, hi9h
goose = 6oose, 9oose
great = 6reat, 9reat
geese = 6eese, 9eese
doghouse = boghouse, poghouse, qoghouse, doghonse, boghonse, poghonse, qoghonse, do6house, bo6house, po6house, qo6house, do6honse, bo6honse, po6onse, qo6honse, do9house, bo9house, po9house, qo9house, do9honse, bo9honse, po9honse, qo9honse
barking = darking, parking, qarking, barkiug, darkiug, parkiug, qarkiug
growl = 6rowl, 9rowl, groml, 6roml, 9roml

The Exact Dyslexia Variations are the exact Letter Rotations. When Dyslexia Letters Rotate to change words into Dyslexia Variations only the Dyslexia Letters rotate to create alternative spellings.

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