25+ Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Variations – Part 3

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Variations – Part 3

Fifth grade is an important time for reading development. For students with dyslexia, however, it can be a tough journey. Learning how to spell correctly is a critical part of reading development, and it can be especially hard for those with dyslexia.

The good news is that studying the dyslexia spellings can improve reading comprehension. By becoming aware of the common patterns of dyslexia, students can learn to look for them and correct them. This can make a big difference in reading comprehension.

Dyslexia Spelling Examples Grade 5 show Exact Dyslexia Variations. Study the Dyslexia Variations of the fifth grade to improve and quicken reading. Learn to recognize the Variations of Exact Dyslexia Letter Rotations!

Dyslexia Variations are able to be learned and memorized by Dyslexia Readers. When the reader reads the alternative Dyslexia word versions they will readily recognize the word as being the correct intended word.

Grade 5 Spelling Dyslexia Variations are key to reading!

Some Main Quote from this Dyslexia Article and Dyslexia Lesson!
“potatoes =botatoes, dotatoes, qotatoes.”
“bean = dean, pean, qean, beau, deau, peau, qeau” – 7 Dyslexia Variations!

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Dyslexia Spelling Words Grade 5:

vulture, rescue, pigeon, perch, pelican, canary, eagle, flamingo, flutter, navigate, migration, hedges, billion, double, battle, died, dozen, chord, exhibit, duplicate, compose, drum, increase, happened, multiple, guitar, instruments, negative, hunting, melody, non, Indian, joined, numeral, musician, killed, positive, museum, settled, soldiers, veteran, war, twice, triple, single, quadruple, trumpet, radio, percussion

Non-Dyslexic Grade 5 words:

stereo, orchestra, octave, choir, cello, soar, ostrich, feather, attack, several, history

Dyslexia Spelling Variations:

There are 3 Main ‘Variations’ Categories for Dyslexia:

The Sneaky n / u Dyslexia Factor
The w/m Dyslexia Factor
Regular b, d, p, + q Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia (Numbers Dyslexia)

Here are the Variations:

**The Sneaky u/n Dyslexia Factor**

vulture = vulnre, vnlnre, vnlture
rescue = rescne
canary = cauary
flutter = flntter
increase = iucrease
non = uou, nou, uon
veteran = veterau

The w/m Dyslexia Factor

war = mar
twice = tmice

Dyslexia Variation Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q.
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n.
A g turns to a 6 or a 9
the w turns to an m, m can turn to a w.
the Number 2 can turn to become N or the letter Z

Grade 5 Dyslexia Spelling Variations – Part #4

perch = berch, derch, qerch
pelican = pelicau, belican, belicau, delican, delicau, qelican, qelicau

billion = dillion, pillion, qillion, billiou, dilliou, pilliou, qilliou
double = bouble, pouble, qouble, donble, bonble, ponble, qonble, doudle, boudle, poudle, qoudle, dondle, bondle, pondle, qondle, douple, bouple, pouple, qouple, donple, bonple, ponple, qonple, douqle, bouqle, pouqle, qouqle, donqle, bonqle, ponqle, qonqle

battle = dattle, pattle, qattle
died = dieb, diep, dieq, bied, bieb, biep, bieq, pied, pieb, piep, pieq, qied, qieb, qiep, qieq
dozen = pozen, bozen, qozen, dozeu, pozeu, bozeu, qozeu
chord = chorb, chorp, chorq
exhibit = exhidit, exhipit, exhiqit

duplicate = dublicate, dudlicate, duqlicate, dnplicate, dnblicate, dndlicate, dnqlicate
buplicate, bublicate, budlicate, buqlicate, bnplicate, bnblicate bndlicate, bnqlicate
puplicate, publicate, pudlicate, puqlicate, pnplicate, pnblicate, pndlicate, pnqlicate
quplicate, qublicate, qudlicate, quqlicate, qnplicate, qnblicate, qndlicate, qnqlicate
compose = combose, comdose, comqose (cowpose, cowbose, cowdose, cowqose)
drum = brum, prum, qrum (druw, bruw, pruw, qruw)

happened = happeneb, happenep, happeneq, happeued, happeueb, happeuep, happeueq
hapbened, hapbened, hapbenep, hapbeneq, hapbeued, hapbeueb, hapbeuep, hapbeueq
hapdened, hapdened, hapdenep, hapdeneq, hapdeued, hapdeueb, hapdeuep, hapdeueq
hapqened, hapqened, hapqenep, hapqeneq, hapqeued, hapqeueb, hapqeuep, hapqeueq
habbened, habbened, habbenep, habbeneq, habbeued, habbeueb, habbeuep, habbeueq
habdened, habdened, habdenep, habdeneq, habdeued, habdeueb, habdeuep, habdeueq
habpened, habpened, habpenep, habpeneq, habpeued, habpeued, habpeuep, habpeueq
habqened, habqened, habqenep, habqeneq, habqeued, habqeued, habqeuep, habqeueq
hadbened, hadbened, hadbenep, hadbeneq, hadbeued, hadbeued, hadbeuep, hadbeueq
haddened, haddened, haddenep, haddeneq, haddeued, haddeued, haddeuep, haddeueq
hadpened, hadpened, hadpenep, hadpened, hadpeued, hadpeued, hadpeuep, hadpeueq
hadqened, hadqened, hadqenep, hadqened, hadqeued, hadqeued, hadqeuep, hadqeueq
haqbened, haqbened, haqbenep, haqbened, haqbeued, haqbeued, haqbeuep, haqbeueq
haqdened, haqdened, haqdenep, haqdened, haqdeued, haqdeued, haqdeuep, haqdeueq
haqpened, haqpened, haqpenep, haqpened, haqpeued, haqppeued, haqpeuep, haqpeueq
haqqened, haqqened, haqqenep, haqqened, haqqeued, haqqeued, haqqeuep, haqqeueq

multiple = multible, multidle, multiqle, mnltiple, mnltible, mnltidle, mnltiple, (wultiple, wultible, wultidle, wultiqle, wnltiple, wnltible, wnltidle, wnltiple)

instruments = instrumeuts, iustruments, iustrumeuts, instrnments, instrnmeuts, (instruwents, instruweuts, iustruwents, iustruweuts, iustrnwents, iustrnweuts)

melody = meloby, melopy, meloqy, (welody, weloby, welopy, weloqy)
Indian = Inbian, Inpian, Inqian, Indiau, Inbiau, Inpiau, Inqiau, Iudian, Iubian, Iupian, luqian, ludiau, lubiau, lupiau, Iuqiau
joined = joineb, joinep, joineq, joiued, joiueb, joiuep, joiueq
numeral = unmeral, uumeral, nnmeral, (nuweral, unweral, uuweral, nnweral)

musician = musiciau, mnsician, mnsiciau, (wusican, wusiciau, wnsician, wnsiciau)
killed = killeb, killep, killeq
positive = bositive, dositive, qositive
museum = musenm, mnsenm, mnseum, wuseum, wusenm, wnsenm, wnseum, wuseuw, wusenw, wnsenw, wnseuw, museuw, musenw, mnsenw, mnseuw
settled = settleb, settlep, settleq
soldiers = solbiers, solpiers, solqiers
triple = trible, tridle, triqle

quadruple = quadruble, quadrudle, quadruqle, quadrnple, quadrnble, quadrndle, quadrnqle
quabruple, quabruble, quabrudle, quabruqle, quabrnple, quabrnble, quabrndle, quabrnqle
quapruple, quapruble, quaprudle, quapruqle, quaprnple, quaprnble, quaprndle, quaprnqle
quaqruple, quaqruble, quaqrudle, quaqruqle, quaprnple, quaqrnble, quaqrndle, quaqrnqle

buadruple, buardruble, buadrudle, buadruqle, buadrnple, buadrnble, buadrndle, buadrnqle,
buabruple, buabruble, buabrudle, buabruqle, buabrnple, buabrnble, buabrndle, buabrnqle
buapruple, buapruble, buaprudle, buapruqle, buaprnple, buaprnble, buaprndle, buaprnqle
buaqruple, buaqruble, buaqrudle, buaqruqle, buaprnple, buaqrnble, buaqrndle, buaqrnqle

qnadruple = qnadruble, qnadrudle, qnadruqle, qnadrnple, qnadrnble, qnadrndle, qnadrnqle
qnabruple, qnabruble, qnabrudle, qnabruqle, qnabrnple, qnabrnble, qnabrndle, qnabrnqle
qnapruple, qnapruble, qnaprudle, qnapruqle, qnaprnple, qnaprnble, qnaprndle, qnaprnqle
qnaqruple, qnaqruble, qnaqrudle, qnaqruqle, qnaprnple, qnaqrnble, qnaqrndle, qnaqrnqle

bnadruple, bnardruble, bnadrudle, bnadruqle, bnadrnple, bnadrnble, bnadrndle, bnadrnqle,
bnabruple, bnabruble, bnabrudle, bnabruqle, bnabrnple, bnabrnble, bnabrndle, bnabrnqle
bnapruple, bnapruble, bnaprudle, bnapruqle, bnaprnple, bnaprnble, bnaprndle, bnaprnqle
bnaqruple, bnaqruble, bnaqrudle, bnaqruqle, bnaprnple, bnaqrnble, bnaqrndle, bnaqrnqle

trumpet = trumbet, trumdet, trumqet, trnmpet, trnmbet, trnmdet, trnmqet , (truwpet, truwbet, truwdet, truwqet, trnwpet, trnwbet, trnwdet, trnwqet)
radio = rabio, rapio, raqio
percussion = bercussion, dercussion, qercussion, percussiou, bercussiou, dercussiou, qercussiou, percnssion, bercnssion, dercnssion, qercnssion, percnssiou, bercnssiou, dercnssiou, qercnssiou

Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia (Numbers Dyslexia)

single = siugle, sin6le, siu6le, sin9le, siu9le

negative = uegative, ne6ative, ue6ative, ne9ative, ue9ative
guitar = gnitar, 6uitar, 6nitar, 9uitar, 9nitar

pigeon = pi6eon, pi9eon, pigeou, pi6eou, pi9eou

hunting = huntiug, huntin6, huntiu6, huntin9, huntiu9, hnnting, hnntiug, hnntin6, hnntiu6, hnntin9, hnntiu9, hnuting, hnutiug, hnutin6, hnutiu6, hnutin9, hnutiu9, huuting, huutiug, huutin6, huutiu6, huutin9, huutiu9

eagle = ea6le, ea9le
flamingo = flamiugo, flamin6o, flamin9o, flamiu6o, flamiu9o, flawingo, flawiugo, flawin6o, flawin9o, flamiu6o, flawiu9o
navigate = uavigate, uavi6ate, uavi9ate, navi6ate, navi9ate
migration = migratiou, mi6ation, mi9ration, wigration, wigratiou wi6ration, wi9ration, wi6ratiou, wi9ratiou, mi6ratiou, mi9ratiou
hedges = hebges, hepges, heqges, hed6es, heb6es, hep6es, heq6es, hed9es, heb9es, hep9es, heq9es

Dyslexia awareness is critical to education. It is important for teachers and parents to be aware of the signs of dyslexia and to understand how it can impact learning. By raising awareness, we can help more students get the support they need to succeed.

Literacy awareness is an important thing in society. It is important for everyone to understand the importance of reading and to be aware of the different ways that people learn. By raising awareness, we can help create a more literate society.

The Exact Dyslexia Variations are the exact Letter Rotations. When Dyslexia Letters Rotate to change words into Dyslexia Variations only the Dyslexia Letters rotate to create alternative spellings.

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