Dyslexia Color Font


Dyslexia Color Font

Simple:   Read Colors not Letters.
The Difficult Letters are now as Easy as Reading Color!


Dyslexia Color Font

Dyslexia Color Font is an incredible reading tool .  This is an offer for a personal license of this Dyslexia Font.   This font includes the Dyslexia Square b feature as well as colors.  Colors for each of the Dyslexia Letters make reading much easier for all ages.

Reading with Dyslexia involves the b rotating to a d , p , and q.  The n rotates with the u.  With this Dyslexia Color Font there is a clear distinction between the Dyslexia Letters.

The additional Letters that are not colored are still Dyslexia Friendly.  Offset features within the font makes even the Dyslexia Friendly letters still easier to read.

This Dyslexia Color Font is exceptional for both Dyslexia, ADHD, Attention Deficit and OLD Age Reading.  ANY Reading Impairment that struggles to see the unique letters will benefit from the abilities this font offers to the reader.

Why is this Font so Inexpensive?

This font is a personal license for a very reasonable offer price.  Reading Shapes is easier than reading letters.  Reading Color is easier than reading Letters.  BOTH Factors make this font an absolute value to the Reader.

The goal is to keep the price of the font on the reasonable side and expand the readers abilities to read.  Using Fonts like this Dyslexia Color Font or the Dyslexia Square b Font Families will improve the literacy globally.

The GLOBAL picture is the ideal platform to increase Literacy Globally.  This is why this font is so inexpensive, and yet , still so awesome.

Commercial Licenses are Available!

This font will offer commercial licensing on a contract basis. It is an imperative Reading tool for users who want to improve their literacy.

Dyslexia Color Font is a Sensation that is now beginning to happen.  Reading Everywhere can change by reading color and shapes vs reading letters that rotate to become other letters.

The Personal License is for Personal Reading use only, and does not allow or permit Commercial Use of the FONT in ANY Way without written contract.  There are very reasonable pricing for Commercial options that will be available. Please contact Simon Blake directly for your creative needs of this Font.  Thank you.

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake, All Rights Reserved.


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